The Greater Trail Community Justice Program, originally known as Trail Youth
Justice Program (TYJP), began in 1996 when interested community members
came together to discuss an alternative way of addressing youth crime in Trail
and the surrounding communities.  They developed a process to work with
persons that were involved with minor offences and incidents from the Greater
Trail Community. The program began accepting referrals involving youth and
adults who met the program criteria. It was administered by an advisory
board until 2007, and then it became a registered society called the Greater
Trail Community Justice Program Society (GTCJPS).
The Board is comprised of Greater Trail community members, local
government officials, RCMP, and Community Service Provider groups
members. Trained Volunteer Facilitators and the Program Coordinator carry
out the facilitation process using the principles of the Restorative Justice

Our Board

President: Sharon Kucher
Vice President: Diana Gonzalez
Treasurer: Cindy Cook
Secretary: Carmen Gattafoni
Funding: Loretta Jones
RCMP Liaison: Mike Wicentowich 
Program Coordinator: Janet Bodnarchuk

Directors at Large:

Eleanor Gattafoni-Robinson
Colleen Jones
Jim Hill

RJ Volunteer Facilitators

Michelle Epp
Stephen Schneider
Loretta Jones
Sharon Kucher
Colleen Jones
Diana Gonzalez

Janet Bodnarchuk

Purpose of GTCJPS

The purpose of the Greater Trail Community Restorative Justice Society is to:

• Provide restorative justice in the community and district;
• Provide awareness of restorative justice and restorative practices as a
means to repair harm and reconnect individuals within a supportive
• Support crime reduction through community awareness presentations;
Coordinate with the RCMP in the region as well as the School District,
other ministries and organizations to increase the appropriate and
informed use of restorative practices in addressing the harm done to
individuals and the community;
• Maintain confidentiality within all individuals involved in a restorative
justice process or facilitation;
• Maintain open and transparent communication within the community
concerning the business practices and finances of GTCJPS;
• Provide Community Justice Forum (CJF) training and facilitator
certification for potential CJF Facilitators;
• Provide training for potential CJF Trainers;
• Provide additional opportunities for training and experience which will
support the growth of facilitator skills


Constitution and Bylaws

Constitution and Bylaws pdf

Annual General Meeting